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Solid Foundation Association, a faith-based, United Way Partner Agency, provides a supplemental educational experience for at-risk students to challenge and motivate them toward academic achievement and personal success. Join us in disrupting the cycle of poverty through education, spiritual and personal development.

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About the Children

Ethnic Variation

African American

Male Enrollment: 44%

Female Enrollment: 56%

Our mantra, "It is easier To Build A Strong child than to repair broken men."

Frederick Douglas
Number of Students Registered
Approximately 42% Of Solid Foundation Students Have Exhibited An Improvement Of At Least One Letter Grade While Attending.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solid Foundation Association is a non-profit organization formed in 1996, dedicated to empowering at-risk youth through education and support.

Our main location is at 2220 East Main Street, Nacogdoches, Texas. We operate on Monday and Thursday evenings from 3-7pm, and Tuesday and Wednesday from 3-5:30pm.

 To enroll a child, the parent or guardian must accompany the child during the entire registration process. Enrollment requires an in-person appointment and interview at the Solid Foundation Association main office located at 2220 East Main Street, Nacogdoches, TX. Please bring your students last grade report card.   Call 936-615-3677, Monday – Thursday between 3pm – 7pm ,  to request to speak with Mr. John Cannings, Executive Director. Registration begins mid-August to Mid-September and is open-ended until all slots are filled.  Follow the Solid Foundation Association FB page for periodic  updates

In Nacogdoches County, 24.8% of the population lives below the poverty level. African American and Hispanic students face poverty rates of 42.2% and 42.3% respectively. Moreover, 32% of the county’s population has less than a high school education.

Our afterschool program supports family stability, providing parents the ability to work with peace of mind. It creates a safe, supportive environment for children, reducing family stress by providing snacks and meals. It deters unattended children from delinquency by filling the afternoons with constructive engagement. Our interventions impact not only the children but their families and the broader community, transforming potential welfare recipients into high school graduates and tax-paying citizens. This education fosters understanding, enabling students to contribute significantly to society, take advantage of opportunities, educate future generations, and strengthen community cohesion. The generational impact is profound and immeasurable.

Solid Foundation Association aims to guide at-risk students towards positive outcomes, enhancing graduation rates, academic and social success, and employability. We promote change through positive influences, parental engagement, and achievement-based motivation. Student progress is evaluated in areas like grade improvement, attendance, standardized test scores, and extracurricular participation. We also monitor longer-term outcomes like scholarship applications, post-secondary education, career choices, volunteer work, and parental involvement in education. In 2017-18, we offered parents seven financial education sessions on topics such as credit understanding, identity theft, and financial planning.

Solid Foundation focuses on academic achievement, remediation, character development, self-sufficiency, cultural awareness, and job readiness. We offer after-school homework assistance, tutoring, parenting and financial education, bridging the educational gap for at-risk children.

Solid Foundation serves around 100 students weekly at its main location and satellite centers, with a success rate of approximately 42%.

The program delivers 35,000 cumulative hours annually in after-school activities, excluding day and summer camps, reaching about 200 students from mostly single-parent households. We also offer monthly training to approximately 25 parents with multiple children enrolled. Each session provides a snack and lunch for the children, in addition to special holiday provisions at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Solid Foundation provides education programs with homework assistance, tutoring, life skills development, travel exploration, and a country store. We offer mentoring, recruit tutors from diverse backgrounds, and partner with community organizations for life skills programs.

You can get involved by becoming a mentor, tutor, volunteer, or supporting us through donations, fundraisers, and sponsorships.

Yes, our summer programs include shadowing experiences, travel exploration, camps, and arts programs to broaden students’ horizons and foster personal growth.


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