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"It takes a village to raise a child"

Solid Foundation: Building Healthy Children Together – Uniting Pieces and Players for Holistic Growth. Our approach integrates social, economic, educational, psychological, and religious aspects, recognizing their collective importance in raising a thriving child. With a nurturing, supportive, and home-like atmosphere, we prioritize academics, social skills development, self-care, enrichment, play, and reading. Our extensive network includes passionate tutors, dedicated student volunteers, generous business owners, and caring individuals who all contribute their time and expertise out of love for children.


At Solid Foundation Association, our mentors are integral to the success of our program by providing a positive and trustworthy role model for at-risk students who may lack parental support. We offer one-on-one mentoring to students who have an absent or disengaged parent, helping them broaden their view of the world and challenge themselves to reach their full potential. Our mentors become the cheerleaders for the children they serve, while we provide a supportive and positive learning environment for each student to learn and thrive.


At Solid Foundation Association, we believe that anyone with a heart for children and a good basic education can be a tutor. Some of our most successful tutors are ordinary people with average skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Our tutors work one-on-one with students to ensure they master every subject and homework assignment, committing just one hour per night, two nights a week. We actively recruit teachers, professors, and community business leaders to join us in shaping the future of one child. By helping our students succeed, we are nurturing the future parents, mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and principals of America. Together, we can celebrate the success of our students and the impact of our community-driven approach to education.

Car Restoration

The Car Restoration Program gives eligible students the opportunity to earn a donated vehicle after they complete their high school diploma or GED. Students will work with tutors and mentors for both education and car restoration. To participate a student will:

Life Skills

Solid Foundation Association collaborates with community-based organizations, business owners, and professionals to incorporate life skills programming into our curriculum. Our comprehensive approach covers essential topics such as teen pregnancy and prevention, drug awareness, and gang violence prevention, as well as financial fitness including managing a savings account, budgeting, and preventing identity theft. We also provide job readiness training and education on emerging careers during our summer program. Our ultimate objective is to cultivate confident, knowledgeable students with strong core beliefs and coping skills who are equipped to succeed in their family, school, and beyond.

At Solid Foundation we work on these Character Cultivators to strengthen personal, social and behavorial concerns with Dr. Laura Smith:

Our Character Buddies Are:

Cultural Enrichment

Depending on funding availability, summers at Solid Foundation Association are filled with excitement and enrichment opportunities for our students! Our multi-disciplinary incentive program includes shadowing experiences, travel exploration, and arts programs for students who participate in our year-long program. Students have the opportunity to shadow a community leader or professional for a day, gaining real-world experience in a field of interest to them. Each year, select students are chosen to travel to a unique destination, experiencing its history, beauty, and culture. We also offer a week-long camping experience for students with exceptional grades and conduct. Finally, our new arts program allows students to become involved in a full-scale stage production, emphasizing team building, language skills, competition, poise, and self-expression. At Solid Foundation, we are dedicated to providing a well-rounded and engaging educational experience for our students, inspiring them to reach their full potential.

Computer Lab

Our computer lab program utilizes four powerful programs: I Station for supplemental education, Edgenuity for mentoring and tutoring, Odyssey Ware for recreational activity and cultural enrichment, and School Mom for effective communication and administration. These programs empower students to strengthen foundational skills, engage in rigorous coursework, explore academic interests, and cultivate a sense of responsibility and awareness. Through our computer lab, students thrive academically, emotionally, and socially, unlocking opportunities for a brighter future.


Programs Used In Our Computer Lab:

1. I Station
2. Edgenuity
3. Odyssey Ware
4. School Mom

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